Prion protein-mediated toxicity of amyloid-β oligomers requires lipid … by JV Rushworth – 2013 – Related articles Background: Prion protein (PrPC) is a receptor for amyloid-β oligomers

(AβOs). Results: AβO binding to PrPC and cytotoxicity require … Urban Dictionary: lipid A revamp of the word phat carrying the same definition (see also cool rad and dope) without using a lame word such as phat in front of other people. The Lipid Phenotype of Breast Cancer Cells Characterized by … by C Nieva – 2012 – Cited by 2 – Related articles To explore the lipid phenotype associated with breast cancer malignancy we used Raman lipid microspectroscopy (RS). RS is an optical technique that utilizes … Widespread Occurrence of Secondary Lipid Biosynthesis Potential … by CN Shulse – 2011 – Cited by 7 – Related articles Incongruence between secondary lipid synthase functional clades and taxonomic group membership combined

with the lack of orthologous gene clusters in … JLR Papers In Press – The Journal of Lipid Research JLR Papers In Press. Journal of Lipid Research Papers in Press contains papers published online

in advance of appearing in the print journal. Robert Murphy PhD | Pharmacology | University of Colorado Denver The term lipid mediators is used here in the context that many of the compounds under … For example following exposure to reactive oxygen species new lipid … siLentFect™

Lipid kolesterol normal Reagent for RNAi | Life Science Research | Bio-Rad siLentFect lipid reagent is a mixture of a proprietary cationic compound and a co-lipid. The blend has been optimized for the delivery of siRNAs into cultured … Cideb an ER- and lipid droplet-associated protein mediates VLDL … by J Ye – 2009 – Cited by 54 – Related articles Cell Metab. 2009 Feb;9(2):177-90. doi: 10.1016/ .2008.12.013. Cideb an ER- and lipid droplet-associated protein mediates VLDL lipidation and … Lenhert Research Group – Lipid Nanotechnology An interdisciplinary research group at Florida State Univeristy researching lipid nanoscience and liposome microarray technology. Avanti Polar Lipids – Mini-Extruder – Avanti Polar Lipids Inc. Avanti®

Mini-Extruder. The Avanti Mini-Extruder allows researchers and scientists to prepare large unilamellar vesicles by extrusion in an efficient rapid …

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